Dec 28, 2006

Holiday Baking Could Affect Seafood Populations!

Happy Holidays!

I have enjoyed much pie, cookies, and candies this holiday season. But now I have reason, other than watching my waistline, not to partake of the goodies.

According to an article from Yahoo! News, titled Researchers: Baking impacts Puget Sound, scientists have found large quantities of vanilla and cinnamon in Puget Sound during the holiday season.

This could affect how some sea creatures use their sense of smell to spawn....which in turn could reduce sizes of certain seafood the link above for more information.

Thanks Kate for the news article.


Dec 10, 2006

The Holidays are upon us...

and the number of oyster dinners being held is dwindling. There will undoubtly be resurgence in listings starting in February and this should last through late March so hold on fellow oyster lovers!!!

To tide you over I have decided to search for restaurants that serve my favorite pairing: fried oysters and chicken salad.

Today for instance my friend Anne, her daughter Amelia (my godbaby) and I happend upon the Piper Tavern in Pipersville, PA. They had oysters with chicken salad on their lunch menu. The plate includes a nice serving of chicken salad, three large fried oysters with tartar sauce and a hard boiled egg. I prefer cocktail sauce with horseradish and a sweeter chicken salad but all in all it was delicious!

They also serve a 75 cent martini from 11:30 to 2:30 daily- so you , like me, can really get your oyster on!

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Dec 8, 2006

Oyster Farmer

Check out this movie titled Oyster Farmer.

A delightfully winning comedy, Oyster Farmer is the story of Jack Flange, an enterprising young man, who robs a fish market and mails the cash to a secluded close-knit community of oyster farmers. When the parcel goes missing, and the police start coming around, he suspects the precious package was found by one of his neighbors, a local beauty named Pearl, to whom he becomes irresistibly attracted. Filmed along Australia’s breathtakingly beautiful Hawkesbury River, Anna Reeves’ deliciously surprising Oyster Farmer is a comedy about love, community and freshly shucked oysters.

It is currently showing on the Sundance Channel...and it was fairly good.

Dec 3, 2006

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

I enjoyed reading the following site. It was very informative.

They even sell oyster related foodstuffs to generate funds to save more oysters!

Dec 1, 2006

December 2, 2006- Riverton, MD

BAZAAR. Riverton Church, between Mardela Springs and Sharptown.

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Oyster and chicken salad sandwiches, vegetable soup, bake sale, crafts.


Well this one has me interested. They did not provide an address or contact information. I had to guess the date. Here is map of where I think this church is located.