Dec 10, 2006

The Holidays are upon us...

and the number of oyster dinners being held is dwindling. There will undoubtly be resurgence in listings starting in February and this should last through late March so hold on fellow oyster lovers!!!

To tide you over I have decided to search for restaurants that serve my favorite pairing: fried oysters and chicken salad.

Today for instance my friend Anne, her daughter Amelia (my godbaby) and I happend upon the Piper Tavern in Pipersville, PA. They had oysters with chicken salad on their lunch menu. The plate includes a nice serving of chicken salad, three large fried oysters with tartar sauce and a hard boiled egg. I prefer cocktail sauce with horseradish and a sweeter chicken salad but all in all it was delicious!

They also serve a 75 cent martini from 11:30 to 2:30 daily- so you , like me, can really get your oyster on!

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