Nov 8, 2011

November 8, 2011- Glassboro, NJ


I grew up going to this dinner. It is a real gem!

This was sent in by a blog reader Lenore Liddell:

Our oyster and ham dinner also features pepper cabbage, potato salad and baked beans, rolls and butter pats, ketchup and horseradish. We make 75 each apple and pumpkin pies, from scratch, which are offered as dessert, unless you prefer cakes, which are donated from our parishioners. We bake the hams with pineapple and brown sugar. We boil and make the potato salad and pepper cabbage ourselves. We still serve on real crockery, real cutlery, and have white placemats and lacy but plastic tablecloths. We serve dinner from 1 PM until 6:15 or so, when the oysters run out.

Of course our most loyal customers are the oldest ones of our population. We have a few that come in from Pennsylvania and Delaware every year.

Our 1950's era Parish Hall holds about 14 tables, and we seat 8 to a table.

Contact Lenore at (littlelenore at comcast dot net) for more information.