Dec 28, 2006

Holiday Baking Could Affect Seafood Populations!

Happy Holidays!

I have enjoyed much pie, cookies, and candies this holiday season. But now I have reason, other than watching my waistline, not to partake of the goodies.

According to an article from Yahoo! News, titled Researchers: Baking impacts Puget Sound, scientists have found large quantities of vanilla and cinnamon in Puget Sound during the holiday season.

This could affect how some sea creatures use their sense of smell to spawn....which in turn could reduce sizes of certain seafood the link above for more information.

Thanks Kate for the news article.



Blogger Jeffrey said...

I read that when it moved over the AP wire... I wish I had had enough room to get it in the paper. Apparently one of the treatment plants wasn't able to filter out all the flavorings people were pooping, etc.

3:53 AM  

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