Nov 2, 2006

Third Saturday of October- Carversville, PA

Ah ha!

I had been thinking of this particular oyster dinner the other day and low and behold I find mention of it (thanks to Google Alerts) in the Philadelphia Inquirer!

I have found a kindred spirit in reporter Rick Nichols....his
article is worth a read!

This dinner came to my attention during my Mercer Museum years. At this time I was living at Buck Country Gardens, in bucolic Plumstead Township. I would pass the Carversville Christian Church on my way to Solebury to visit friends and would often notice the sign for the oyster dinner along the side of the road.

I thought it was strange that this church would have an such a dinner being so far removed from oyster waters - boy was I surprised to learn that it is a 135 year tradition! Wow!

I never attended this dinner because I always went back home to New Jersey that weekend, either to attend the oyster and chicken salad dinner at Daretown, or the oyster and ham dinner at Ewan. These are all you can eat dinners, whereas I do not think the Carversville dinner is of that type. However, I cannot think of a better reason to trek to Bucks County on a fall weekend. I envision spending part of the day at the Mercer or Fonthill (two of my favorite museums, but I am biased) and then going to the historic Carversville Christian Church oyster dinner for a taste of tradition! Perfect!

United Church of Christ

3736 Aquetong Rd
Carversville, PA 18913
(215) 297-5166


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