Oct 3, 2006

October 21, 2006-Tilghman Island, MD

The BrothersGentry filled me in on Tilghman Day, an oyster smorgasbord, in Tilghman Island, MD. There is even an oyster shucking contest. I have an oyster knife but no shucking skills! Will anyone teach me??

Thanks Jeffrey and Natalie!!!

See the following link for more details:

And on another note, when ever I hear the name Tilghman Island I always think of a nearby island that was used as a cat ranch in the 19th century. Yes, I said cat ranch. They raised black cats for their fur and fattened them with the bounty of the Chesapeake. Here is a
link with more information. Apparently, there were many such ranches in the mid-1800s...poor kitties. Meow!


Blogger Jeffrey said...

Tilghman Island Day is a great time....We've made it an annual must do.

2:08 PM  

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